Box Lunch: Back in the Federated Russian Republics, New York Rules, and Trashion

russiancheer_links1Because it's a holiday, we thought we'd send you off with some highly unpatriotic shots of Russian strippers cheerleaders (sorry, ladies). (Kontraband)
It's hot out there. Pick up a T-shirt from one of these global streetwear providers. (NYMag)
The Chinese are experimenting with adding the Segway to their army. We are not afraid. (Crave)
Indonesians are embracing "trashion." Noble, if a little skeevy. (MSNBC)
A handy, dandy guide to Paris Fashion Week. (The Moment)
New York is the best fashion city. Was there ever really any doubt? (Tmtbox)
There are some rumors going around in the publishing world that one should not fuck with Anna Wintour. Excuse us, we've got some old posts to take down. (Gawker)

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