Box Lunch: Apollo on Trial, Marge Goes for the Dunk, and Beck vs. Guevara

peter_eisenmanThese award-winning architects dress pretty well—for engineering nerds. (Pictured, Guardian UK)
If Strawberry Shortcake ever creeped you out, you will run in terror from these art dolls. (Black Book)
Glenn Beck is wholly against Che Guevara T-shirts. We are too, but for entirely different reasons. (CNN)
Oh, if only we could drift downriver in one of these floating houses. (Cup of Joe)
Someone is suing dick of the year and attention whore Apollo Braun after getting assaulted for wearing one of his "Obama Is My Slave" shirts. We volunteer to testify for the plaintiff any time. (Jezebel)
There's nothing more intimidating than stepping up to the basketball courts up in Harlem with these Marge Simpson Dunk hightops. (Trash Bag Aesthetics)
The A.P.C. fall/winter collection is appropriately restrained/mouthwatering. (Hypebeast)

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