New Lifestyle Mag Caters To Those Making $452,000 A Year

Bloomberg Terminals (yes, those things that sit on your banker friends' desks) are about to come hand in hand with a publication for the very richest of the richest. A subscription to the business news-driven Bloomberg Professional service costs $20,000 a year for their 310,000 subscribers whose average household incomes is $452,000.
In addition to the service, Bloomberg will soon provide a complimentary lifestyle magazine, Bloomberg Pursuits, that contain 46 pages of luxury, no doubt chock-a-block with articles detailing new techniques in stacking your gold coins, how to store your rare mink stoles in the summer, and interesting ways to make 5-carat rings feel special again.
The magazine profiles some of its own readers, including one subscriber who travels to Antarctica to see the solar eclipses, another who collects Ferraris (and then takes them apart), and a third who built his own racing yacht. Lifestyles of the rich and famous, huh. Now, excuse us while we dig around for more stories about the rags and dinky toys we plebes are more interested in. (WWD)
Photo: Via WWD

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