Blackberry Scams, Indestructible Pen Caps, And Women Prefer Celebs Over Their Own Boyfriends' Appearances

This illustration of Anna, Terry and Carine ménage-a-trois is disturbing, but hey, at least the Vogue queens look like they are getting along! (Fashion Copious)
How funny you should reference us in this post about Bloggerisms! Wait 'til you see what's up our sleeves... (Style Bubble)
This is one pen cap that you'll never be able to chew through. (Design Fetish)
83% of women in relationships find celebrities more attractive than their own boyfriends. In other news, women date men based on things other than their appearance! (Lemondrop)
Have you given a Blackberry-toting hottie your digits? You may have fallen for an elaborate marketing scheme. (Gawker)

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