8 Products From Black-Founded Brands That Support Every Kind Of New Year’s Resolution

A scene: you, in your living room on December 31. The clock strikes 12:01 a.m. A sigh of relief. This no-good year has finally come to an end.
Customarily, January 1 means making new promises to improve oneself, but due to extenuating circumstances that have sapped our attention spans and energy levels, we're keeping our 2021 resolutions extremely doable. Whether it's becoming an acolyte of the church of daily SPF, upping your protein intake, or finally making use of the chin-up bar in your doorway, we've scoured the shelves at Target for eight products from Black-founded brands to support all your New Year goals.
Ahead, we've broken down all different resolutions, along with the most practical product to fit each one. Click through for the most practical add-to-cart shopping moment yet.

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