A Cocktail In Honor Of Black Friday? We'll Drink To That!

For most of America, the stress of Thanksgiving has finally melted away. No more oven to preheat, zero dirty dishes to clean, and not a single annoying family member in sight. While those folks can breathe a much-deserved sigh of relief, we've got our inhalers within arm's reach. It's officially Black Friday, and the holy grail of holidays for shoppers began as early as 12:01 this morn. If you thought the lines Twihards endured for seats at the midnight screening were brutal, you should see the commitment from the customers outside of Best Buy. Now, that's dedication!
Inevitably, in between trying on shoes and sniffing perfume, we also find ourselves turning to our BFF (that's Black Friday Friend), and expressing how wonderful a stiff cocktail would feel right about now. Well, as if the booze gods had been reading our minds, the team at L.A.'s Mixology 101 have crafted a cocktail in honor of November 23. Created by Joe Brooke, the Black Friday Cider consists of Black Grouse blended scotch whiskey, orange blossom honey syrup, a dash of lemon juice, and hot mulled cider. Artisanal cocktail connoisseurs would call it smoky, but we say it's just what the department store doctor ordered!
Whether you're celebrating a successful BF bargain or need to drown your department store sorrows, we suggest you whip one of these bad boys up, stat. You'll be thankful you did!
Photo: Courtesy of Alice Gao

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