My Big Fig Review: A Mattress Designed With Plus-Sized Bodies In Mind

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Picture this: You have a wild day on the job. Video calls galore, impending deadlines — the whole shebang. Then you scurry on over to a fun night of dinner and drinks with the homies. Finally, the day starts to wind down, and you hit the hay. What you thought would be a restful slumber ends up being restless. You toss and turn and even develop persistent lower back pain. This continues day in and day out as you attempt to grasp a shred of sleep between busy days. This was exactly my experience before I fatefully stumbled upon an ad for the Big Fig Mattress, an American mattress company that tasked itself with designing the perfect mattress for bigger, heavier, and more dense bodies. According to the brand’s promise, anyone from muscular athletes to your everyday average plus-size person can benefit from this mattress. As a plus-size woman, I was intrigued. Were all my mattress woes really related to a failure in design? Would switching up my sleep situation for a Big Fig mattress specifically designed for a larger person like me be a game-changer? I had to find out.

For testing purposes, Big Fig sent me a queen-sized mattress along with their (optional) high-tech adjustable platform base, and after a slight scheduling hiccup, the white-glove delivery service arrived and set up the mattress and base. We take reviews seriously here at Most Wanted, so I was determined to log at least 30 sleepy nights before bringing you all the scorching hot tea on all the hubbub regarding the Big Fig mattress. However, if you’re already sold, you can proceed straight to the brand’s website to take advantage of their current promotion: $300 off with code BEBOLD.

How The Big Fig Mattress Addresses Common Plus-Size Sleep Issues

I'm a ball of chaos when I sleep and have a tendency for insomnia, so it was important for me to sleep on a bed that was comfortable no matter what position I ended up in from my nightly tossing and turning. (I'd say I sleep pretty evenly between my side, back, and stomach.) The Big Fig mattress is a medium-firm mattress of hybrid construction, which means it's made with both coils (for support) and foam (for comfort).
I definitely feel like I was supported no matter what position I ended up in for the Big Fig mattress. My previous all-foam medium-firm mattress softened over time and the support for my back dwindled, causing lower back pain. (It also ended up sagging and denting when I slept on my side and stomach.) The Big Fig mattress was built to tackle these types of issues that are common among larger-bodied individuals like myself. The high-density foam and pillow top relieve pressure points, while the addition of the individually wrapped coils provides flexibility and adds that extra support. Just note that the mattress comes compressed in a box, and Big Fig advises waiting until the bed is fully re-fluffed before lying down.

I’ve had it [for] over a month now, and I’d confidentially say that 90% of the pain has gone.

My favorite part is that the mattress still felt soft and squishy while still being incredibly sturdy. I never once sank into the mattress; it really maintained its shape while holding up my body. While I’d normally slide off my previous mattress while sitting or shifting my weight towards the edges, the Big Fig is built with a stronger-than-usual foam around the perimeter, making me feel supported as I climb into bed.

Do You Need The Big Fig Adjustable Base?

The adjustable base is a high-tech bed platform controlled by a Bluetooth-enabled remote that allows you to further customize your sleeping experience. While the mattress alone more than exceeded my expectations, being able to adjust its angle to eat comfortably from bed, watch television, and even work from home occasionally was a really nice touch. I actually contracted Covid-19 during the review period and had to quarantine in my bedroom. The base helped immensely, allowing my bed to be more chair-like and offer more support as I sat up. In addition, lifting the foot of the bed is very helpful if you have an injury that may benefit from elevating your legs. The base also works with most foam mattresses if you want to pair it with the one you have that works well for you. At $900, it is a bit of a splurge, but it's definitely worth it if you have the extra cash.

Does The Big Fig Mattress Work For Couples?

As far as the experience of sleeping on the mattress with a partner goes, I can't fully speak to that due to my single status. However, the mattress can hold an impressive 1100 pounds and is built with movement isolation in mind. While Big Fig is designed for heavier folks and plus-size people, many have reported it to be perfectly comfortable and supportive for their smaller-sized partners. One reviewer explained, "I’m a 6’3” 280-pound solid male. I had severe back pain caused by the sway in all mattresses I tried. After about a week of adjusting to a new and firm mattress, the pain started to deteriorate. I’ve had it [for] over a month now, and I’d confidentially say that 90% of the pain has gone. This bed keeps me level. Even my small 160-pound partner loves it."


Do I Recommend The Big Fig Mattress?

The answer is a resounding yes. The Big Fig mattress is easily the most comfortable mattress I've slept on throughout my 26 years. I definitely recommend it for any larger folks out there like myself. It's honestly perfect for anyone who wishes for their mattress to be designed intentionally for support without excluding anyone in the mix.
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