This Is Our Jam: Big Boi And Theophilus London, "She Said OK" (Featuring Tre Luce)

Are you at work? Do you have headphones on? If not, you'd better be ready for some seriously questionable looks from coworkers, should you choose to hit play below. “She Said OK” is one of the raunchiest jams to come from of Daddy Fat Sax or Theophilus London during either of their careers.
With a chorus that would have made Nate Dogg blush, and additional graphic appreciations of the female form that we won’t retype here, “She Said OK” rides a smooth-as-butter G-Funk beat to a land where Big Boi’s doubletime rhymes sound as romantic as they are unmentionable. Let’s put it this way: 50 Shades of Grey is 528 pages long, while “She Said OK” is just over four minutes and does the job way better.
Big Boi and Theophilus London—Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors
"She Said OK" [ft. Tre Luce]
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