How To Get Beyoncé Blonde — Straight From Her Colorist

Photo: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images.
Dedicated members of the Beyhive know that you turn to Beyoncé for many things: the perfect booty poppin' song to get you through a workout, an Instagram caption for that selfie you took when you were “feeling yourself,” outfit inspiration when your wardrobe is feeling blah, and beauty inspo when you want to switch up your look — specifically — your hair.
There isn't a hairstyle Queen Bey hasn't whipped back and forth on stage, making her the ultimate inspiration for a new look. Box braids, booty-length weave, topknots, pixie cuts, bangs — you name it — Beyoncé's tried it. But while her style constantly evolves, her iconic blonde hair color rarely changes, and it's become the most requested shade at Rita Hazan's New York City salon.
“Everyone wants Beyonce’s hair color,” Hazan, Queen Bey's longtime colorist, tells Refinery29. "It's definitely one of our top requests." But if you've been saving pics of Yonce's famous color to take to your stylist, there are a few things to keep in mind before you take the plunge. Ahead, find everything you need to know before you ask for Beyoncé blonde at the hair salon.
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What Is Beyoncé Blonde?

Bey's specific color is made up of dark roots and different shades of blonde throughout. "I usually do a single process and highlight on top of it," says Hazan.

But don't expect to snap your fingers and wake up looking like Bey: "There are levels to this," Hazan says. "The first time I did her hair was almost seven years ago, and we did it in steps." Hazan colored Beyoncé's strands in multiple appointments to avoid damage and over processing. "Your natural hair color will determine how long the process will take," she explains. "If you already have natural highlights then the process could possibly be quicker. If your hair is super dark, then maybe not. Be prepared to dedicate time to your hair color and don't rush it."
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Is Beyoncé Blonde Right For You?

Blonde hair isn't one shade fits all. This exact color works best on warm skin tones. "Think of your hair color as you think of your foundation," Hazan tells us. "If your skin is olive with yellow undertones, then your hair color should have more golden tones," she says.

“The number one thing women of color should know is that in order to be blonde you need to have dimension. Your blonde should be warm and have different shades blended in. Avoid ashy tones because you need warmth to complement your skin tone."

This specific hair color becomes even more complex when your hair is natural, like Yoncé's. "Natural hair is delicate, so you need to be careful of the products you use at home and how often you use bleach," Hazan says. "A lot of people assume that natural hair is so strong, but it's actually super fragile, especially when color treated."
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So You Dyed Your Hair Beyoncé Blonde... Now What?

If you really want to stretch the time between professional appointments, then your at-home hair routine is crucial. "Think of your hair color like a manicure: It's bright and shiny at first, but by the end of the week you need a clear topcoat to help revive it," Hazan explains.

She recommends using shampoo, conditioner, deep treatments, and an at-home gloss to keep your color vibrant. "If Beyoncé wants her color to be a bit paler then she'll use my Breaking Brass gloss. If she wants the color to be a bit more golden, she'll use the Blonde gloss on top," she says. "You'll be surprised at how effective weekly deep treatments and glossing at home is for your hair. You'll see a huge difference right away."

You should also resist the urge to see your colorist every few weeks (even though it can be tempting). "Coloring your hair every six weeks is excessive. I try to have Beyoncé not touch her hair for three months so it grows out nicely but still remains healthy." Hey, if it's good enough for Beyoncé, right?