Psychic Vibes: 5 Mystical Shops — Just In Time For Halloween

Believe it or not, your position on the astrological chart could hold more secrets than you think (career change, anyone?). But don't just take our word for it. Just in time for Halloween, we rounded up some of Chicago's best psychics and mystical boutiques to get in on your future—and a little old-fashioned, spooky fun, of course.
Not into all the hocus-pocus of tarot cards and palm readings? Try breaking into the healing world of Reiki, or take a meditative Yoga Nidra workshop. At the very least, grab a semiprecious stone or candle to spark some good vibes of your own. But one way or the other, we're pretty sure you'll have a (crystal) ball.
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Do you know what people are thinking before they say it? Perhaps you should trade places with the person reading your palm. Believe it or not, there is actually a school for psychics in Chicago. You can go full force with a clairvoyant training program, or easy-peasy with a psychic meditation or energy-healing workshop. If you’d prefer to be read instead of being the reader, there are all sorts of fun options available to you, ranging from what vibes your aura gives off to the details of your past life.

InVision, 3340 North Clark Street (between Roscoe Street and Aldine Avenue); 773- 258-2830.

Photographed by Cara Hunt
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The Chakra Shoppe

This shop, er, shoppe is a great go-to spot for both beginners and regulars in the spiritual world. If you don’t feel comfortable taking part in a one- on-one chakra, tarot, or past-life reading, try one of the fun group classes like Chinese energetic healing, Japanese Reiki, or Yoga Nidra meditation. If you’re really feeling adventurous, there’s even intermediate tarot — talk about being the life of the party at the next girl’s night out. Oh, and just in case you want to burn some sage to spiritually clean out that new pad of yours, you’ll find it here, along with other crystals and baubles to keep you feeling some good vibrations.

The Chakra Shoppe, 5034 North Lincoln Avenue (between Argyle Street and Winnemac Avenue); 773-271-3054.

Photographed by Lauren Schiappa
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Arturo Edan Munoz

Some spiritual advisors can come off a bit generic (read: You will live a long and happy life), but that’s not the case with Arturo Edan Munoz. The spiritual tarot reader and energy healer has been featured in pubs like the Chicago Tribune for his gifts, which have garnered him a robust database of regulars seeking direction in an alternative sense. If you’re new to this whole energy thing, not to worry. Munoz is described as warm, welcoming, and most importantly, accurate.

But, he’s not just some overnight success story. The energy expert has been using his “spiritual sensitivity” since he was just 15 years old — we kinda wish we knew him back then when we were trying to figure out if our crush was going to ask us to the homecoming dance.

Arturo Edan Munoz, 5709 North Clark Street (at Hollywood Avenue); 312-753- 8533.

Photographed by Ingeborg Moran
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Enchanted Mystic Shop

It’s enchanting, it’s mystical — and there’s a great Mexican restaurant across the street. But seriously, if you want to talk about creative gift giving, this is the place. Books, candles, crystals, incense…we’re pretty sure you have a relative or friend in need of a little “good” energy. For you? A lovely tarot card or palm reading with insight on how you’re going to get through the holidays.

Enchanted Mystic Shop, 5553 North Broadway Street (at Bryn Mawr Avenue); 773- 275-7000.

Photographed by Lauren Schiappa
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Mystic Boutique

Consider this boutique as more of a one-stop shop. The list includes relationship advice, spiritual cleansing, crystal meditation, chakra balancing, aura alignment, past-life regression, and psychic, palm, and tarot-card readings. Talk about an energy overload! And, if you want to make your leisurely Sunday night bath a little more interesting, pick up some of the hocus-pocus salts, oils, and bubbles available.

Mystic Boutique, 4153 North Lincoln Avenue (between Berteau and Warner avenues); 773-655-3586.

Photographed by Ingeborg Moran

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