How To Smell Like Your Dream Vacation In Your Boring, Everyday Life

Photographed by Katie McCurdy.
A Californian, a New Yorker, and a Polynesian walk onto a beach...
The Californian tries to float peacefully in the Pacific, but gets caught in a rip tide and ends up a mile away from the family's umbrella. The New Yorker orders an $18 glass of rosé from the outdoor bar, Snapchats the ocean, then returns to the Revolve x Hamptons pool party. The Polynesian feels completely at peace, secure in the knowledge that waters actually can be that warm and turquoise, sands that white and soft, flowers that fragrant and vibrant.
Point is: All beach experiences are not created equal.
So why would you assume all beach-inspired fragrances would smell like a piña colada made love to a bottle of Banana Boat? Sure, a whole lot do, but if you want to find the secret, unspoiled beach free of litter, aggressive seagulls who steal your chips, and leathery old men in Speedos — or the beach fragrance that smells like no other beach fragrance — you need to go off the beaten path, past the No Access signs.

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