The 11 Best Online Dating Sites, Including Some You’ve Never Heard Of

ComputerKey_LyNgoIllustrated by Ly Ngo.
Navigating the world of online dating can be intimidating, confusing, and well, even a little frustrating. But, just like no two dates are alike (thank goodness), either are the vast array of options for finding your dream S.O. And, just when you think you've seen, tried, or heard of them all, AskMen put together a killer list of the top 11 online dating sites for virtual love.
But, don't worry ladies. Just because this comes from a man's perspective doesn't mean it's not a beneficial resource for you, too. The non-gender biased information includes an overview of each site (apps included), the cost, and pros and cons that really cut to the chase minus any frills or BS. So, forget what your friends have told you. Click here to get the best — and only — advice you'll need to win at cyber love. (AskMen)
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