Best of the Week: Surface to Air, Sophomore, and Saddle Shoes

bestofweek110708This week: History. Was. Made. We now have political representation that we can be PROUD of. Everything else sort of pales in comparison, but hey, we'll try. Here's our Top Ten stories of the week…
1. Cooler-Than-Cosby Knits. describes a Cosby sweater as "a sweater a senile colorblind person would pick out." Pff, probably written by a guy who wears chinos.
2. Happy Days for Saddle Shoes.
Saddle shoes are back, and without a poodle skirt in sight, thank God.
3. Pink is Pretty Again.
The time has come to get girlish with bright splashes of pink! It looks cheery and conjures up nostalgia for a certain John Hughes movie (the VHS version, of course).
4. Lookbook Love: Sophomore.
If you could have a style do-over from the sophomore you were in high school, this is what it would look like.
5. Garter-Belts' Sneak Peek.
Fasten your stockings: Garters emerge, like a hit of burlesque.
6. Purse Snatching on Film.
Photographer Pete Miszuk has his sights on your handbag. Artistically speaking.
7. Screen Shot: The Eyes of Laura Mars.
Faye Dunaway as a stylish fashion photog—it's seamless. Now Netflix Network and you'll get an even bigger lesson in strong style.
8. Fur Vests, Faux Sho.
Part glam, part bathroom rug, all-around edgy.
9. Surface to Air Kids Launch.
Don't you hate it when 7-year-olds are better dressed than you are?
10. Guinevere Makes Hungary Hot in British Vogue.
Guinevere van Seenus = a Scandanavian name, an American girl, a British Vogue muse on a Hungarian photo shoot. Whew!

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