6 Products That Give You Fuller Hair, Instantly

Though its popularity reigns supreme in the South, you don’t have to be a Southern belle to appreciate big hair. Its supposed powers span the spectrum from the sublime (it’s said to "bring you closer to God") to the ridiculous (it’s "full of secrets"). But did you know that your hair's ampleness changes with the seasons? “The late spring through fall is when our hair follicle sets the clock back, and instead of gaining sleep we gain hair,” says dermatologist and Clear Scalp & Hair expert Francesca Fusco, MD. “It appears to be evolutionary, and could be the body's attempt to protect the scalp from UV damage and burns — the scalp is actually that important!”
The bad news? The delay in shedding catches up to you in the autumn, when you start to lose all that extra hair. It may be cool that your scalp course-corrects from a sci-fi standpoint, but not so much from an “I want lots of hair” standpoint. So now is the time to take extra measures to score that volume, whether you’re battling thinning strands or just want to channel a '60s screen siren. Click ahead for the most innovative mane-plumping products and tools on the market — as well as expert tips for enhancing what you've got.

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