The 29 Coolest Movie Posters Of 2K14

In Hollywood, a studio's marketing department is kind of like Rodney Dangerfield. They just don't get no respect. But, boy do they deserve it. How a film is sold to audiences is crucial to whether or not it ultimately gets seen. (Unless that film stars Jennifer Lawrence, then it's marketing shmarketing.) This is especially true for smaller films that often rely on clever or inventive marketing campaigns to gain attention in a blockbuster-crazed market. In fact, selling a movie has become such an art form, that sometimes a film's trailer or poster exceeds the film itself.
Movie posters especially, have a way of enduring. It's easy (and lazy) to slap the film's stars, its title, and a slogan on a one-sheet and call it a day. But, if done right, a film's poster can be the perfect piece of pop art — just as evocative as anything you'd see in the Whitney. Here, 29 examples of such posters from the past year, which will surely be adorning college dorm room walls for decades to come.

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