Why You Need A Hair Brush — Even If You Have Curls

Photographed by Winnie Au.
I may be a professional hairstylist, but I'm also a skeptic when it comes to tools and products. I like to keep it simple and practical. However, when I overheard a fellow stylist raving about the brilliance of Mason Pearson brushes, I decided to go for it. You see, I'm pretty much on a lifelong quest to turn my curls into spun-gold waves, and with the promise that it would help me accomplish just that, I settled on the brand’s large, mixed-bristle brush.
And, it has gloriously simplified my routine. I've gone from washing every other day, using loads of product, heat-styling when desperate, and a general sense of losing the hair battle, to just one weekly wash and a little daily brushing. With the Mason Pearson as my secret weapon, I've been feeling Superwoman-like empowerment about my wild, unruly mane. You may not find me doing a hundred strokes a day before bed, Marcia Brady-style, but my brush has become very near and dear to me. Because, nothing has ever made my hair shinier or smoother.
Want the same life-changing results? Ahead, how to choose the best high-quality brush — and a few more things you've always wanted to know about brushes, but were afraid to ask.

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