24 Essential TV Shows For Every Pop Culture-Loving Feminist

Photo: Courtesy of FX.
With a title like Mrs. America, you’d probably wager that the new FX series is all about fighting for women’s rights across the 50 United States. Well, you’re partially right. Though it boasts the incredibly feminist title, Mrs. America is actually about the woman who tried to keeping rights from women in America. Crazy, but true. The series follows Cate Blanchett as Phyllis Schlafly, a woman working in the 1970s to actively oppose the Equal Rights Amendment, an amendment that would guarantee equal legal rights for all Americans regardless of sex. 
Schlafly — in her opinion — had valid arguments for opposing the amendment like that women could now be drafted into the military and might unfairly rule against mothers in custody cases following a divorce. Honestly, these are all valid points, but not enough to completely stop the movement.
It’s safe to assume you know how this story ends (the ERA still isn't part of the constitution) and even though Mrs. America is meant as an uplifting story and a feminist one at that, it still might leave you wanting more content imbued with some seriously feminist vibes. So, once you’re done binging Mrs. America, or even in between episodes as they drop week-by-week on Hulu, here are 23 other series you need to check out that are seeping with feminist themes and undertones.

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