8 Products Beauty Editors Reach For When Their Skin Is Red & Angry

Photographed by Maria del Rio.
Your face is like a toddler: It needs lots of coddling, and even if it's generally well-behaved, it will inevitably throw a tantrum. Usually when you least expect it. You know what we're talking about: You get the same brow wax you've been getting every couple of months for years without issue, but suddenly, this time, you've got two burning red welts above your arches. Even the smallest thing can set off mild-mannered complexions, like sleeping on a hotel pillowcase. Then, there are the times when you're the instigator, like when you absentmindedly pick at a bump all day at your desk.
When sensitivity strikes, no matter what the cause, it's important to have at least one surefire fix — a gentle product with a simple, natural ingredient list that calms like a pacifier — in your medicine cabinet. Ahead, six Refinery29 beauty editors share their number-one skin soothers.

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