The 10 Best Bread Puddings in S.F. — Hands Down!

[UPDATE: This post was originally published on March 9.]
While it’s no secret that San Francisco restos are filled with some downright decadent desserts, we found 10 super-hard-to-resist bread puddings that deserve some extra attention. Who can deny the genius behind combining super-moist bread with ultra-creamy custard after all? Not us! And that's why we scoured the city and picked only the most delectable bread-pudding dishes out there, right in time for the opening of an entire restaurant devoted to the stuff (hello Schulzies!), next month. From banana bread soaked in caramel sauce at Baker and Banker to Tartine’s classic and cult-followed brioche dish that sells out in a matter of minutes, this roundup has 10 sinfully delicious varieties to satisfy every palate. Ready to hop on this yummy bread line? Get to clicking…and let the cravings begin.
Photographed by Christine Ting
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Strawberry Brioche Bread Pudding at Tartine Bakery
Find yourself constantly waking up with a sweet tooth? Well then, Tartine’s strawberry brioche is practically made for you. Served with fresh strawberries, huckleberries, and powdered sugar, this dish is just the right kind of sweet fit for the AM. Surely, we’re not the only ones that think so; All six pans usually sell out in a matter of just 45 minutes! See what we mean? This stuff is like the crack of bread pudding! Set your alarms and get there before the crowd starts rolling in…yeah, it’s that good.
Price: $3.75-$6.50
Tartine Bakery, 600 Guerrero Street (at 18th Street); 415-487-2600.

Photographed by Christine Ting
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Strawberry Chocolate Chip Bread Pudding at Hooker’s Sweet Treats
The folks at Hooker’s Sweet Treats like to pull out all the bells and whistles when it comes to serving up their inventive take on bread pudding. We're talking layers of velvety soft custard, crunchy pecans, chocolate chips, and strawberries with either French, sourdough, or peasant bread all mixed into one delicious batch. And to take this dish even more over the top, they finish it off by drizzling bourbon caramel sauce all over for a complete glazed-over effect. Just be sure to wipe off the drool before you dig in.
Price: $5
Hooker's Sweet Treats, 442 Hyde Street (between O'Farrell and Ellis streets); 415-441-4628.

Photographed by Christine Ting
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Chocolate Chip Bread Pudding at Luna Park
There’s nothing that stimulates your senses more when eating dessert than mixing warm moist bread with the melting creaminess of vanilla ice cream. A lá mode? More like a-la-mazing! And that’s exactly what you’ll get when ordering Luna Park’s chocolate chip bread pudding, which comes dripping with chocolate syrup on top, making this sweet treat perfect for all you die-hard sugar fiends out there.
Price: $10
Luna Park, 694 Valencia Street (at 18th Street); 415-553-8584.

Photographed by Christine Ting
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Lori’s Killer Bread Pudding at Baker and Banker
Who says bread pudding has to be whipped up using yesterday’s boring old loaves? At Baker and Banker, they like to mix up the traditional recipe by taking ultra-moist banana bread and soaking it in creamy custard. And as if that wasn’t mouth-watering enough, the resto’s bakery likes to serve it up sitting atop syrupy sweet caramel sauce, and garnishing it with house-made vanilla whipped cream that balances out the sauce, for an overall cake-like effect. You’ll never think of banana bread the same way.
Price: $5
Baker and Banker, 1701 Octavia Street (at Bush Street); 415-351-2500.

Photographed by Christine Ting
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Blissed-Out Blueberry White-Chocolate Bread Pudding at Schulzies
If you have your heart set on something more of the fruit-based variety, then sweet spot Schulzies is right up your alley. The pop-up bread-pudding slingers (who are about to open a brick and mortar spot) are dedicated completely to bread pudding alone. One of our top tastes: The Blissed-Out Blueberry version, which blends together fresh blueberries, white chocolate, and organic milk with impeccable results. The Schulzies team says it's supposed to “resonate memories of playing with your childhood friends.” Who knew childhood memories could taste so sweet?
Price: $3 for single scoop; $5 as three-flavored flight.
Schulzies, 364 Hayes Street (between Franklin and Gough streets); 415-783-3464.

Photo: Courtesy of Schulzies
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Warm Black and White Chocolate Bread Pudding at Frascati
Looking to treat yourself? Then indulge in Frascati’s mega-rich black and white chocolate bread pudding that will have you feeling like there’s plenty of reason to celebrate. Resting on a plate drizzled in chocolate and caramel sauces, the warm and extra-thick bread pudding is balanced out by the creamy house-made hazeulnut ice cream adorned with a decorative chocolate bark that gives this treat its festive flair. So, go ahead, dig in — it’s your birthday (at some point), after all!
Price: $8
Frascati, 1901 Hyde Street (at Green Street); 415-928-1406.

Photographed by Christine Ting
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Cinnamon-Brioche Bread Pudding at Jane Café
You really can’t go wrong when ordering a plate full of crunchy bread topped with cinnamon, powdered sugar, and whipped cream. And that’s exactly what you’ll get at Jane Café, with different variations of either caramel or a fruit sauté to go along with it. With its light texture and creamy pudding, we suggest waking up with this dish in the AM. Now that’s what we call a good morning!
Price: $4.50
Jane Café, 2123 Fillmore Street (at Post Street); 415-931-5263.

Photographed by Christine Ting
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Croissant and Custard Bread Pudding at La Boulange
More of a traditional bread pudding kinda guy or gal? That’s where La Boulange’s croissant and custard slab of goodness comes into play. No really, that’s all that goes into creating this yummy dessert. In case you’d like to spice it up quite literally, we suggest adding some cinnamon or honey (or both!) for an extra bout of sweet. A word of caution: Putting the fork back down will be harder than you think, but well worth it!
Price: $3
La Boulange, multiple locations, find your nearest one here!

Photographed by Christine Ting
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Wholegrain Bread Pudding at Cookie Time Truck
Don’t let the super-cutesy unicorn- and rainbow-clad cookie truck fool you, this wholegrain bread pudding means serious business — and by that we mean seriously amazing! Narrowed down to a scientific formula, Cookie Time uses mostly organic ingredients, including walnuts, brown sugar, and bourbon vanilla custard. And despite being a truck full of, well, mouth-watering cookies, owner Marina Snetkova says her bread pudding shouldn’t be overlooked, admitting it’s the best item on the menu. And after trying the fluffy and caramelized crunchy dessert ourselves, we believe her.
Price: $8
Cookie Time Truck, 3865 24th Street (between Sanchez and Vicksburg); 415-735 5055.

Photographed by Christine Ting
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French Toast Bread Pudding at 2 Sisters Bar and Books
To make things over-the-top delicious, Hayes Valley’s bar-meets-library, 2 Sisters, is mixing together three of our all-time favorite things: Bread pudding, French toast, and — best yet! —chocolate. The result? An extra-fluffy batch of custard with sections of melted amaretto and dark chocolate chips, topped with sweet, crunchy bread for added texture. The plate is big enough to share, but yummy enough to want it all for yourself.
Price: $10 alone or $20 with any libation for brunch.
2 Sisters Bar and Books, 579 Hayes Street (between Laguna and Octavia streets); 415-863-3655.

Photographed by Christine Ting

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