You’ve Never Seen This Many Goats Before

Goats gone wild!We utilize goats at the lab in order to keep our grasses short and reduce fire hazards. In this video...

Posted by Berkeley Lab on Friday, June 12, 2015
It’s not every day you stumble upon a herd of goats taking over city streets. So, when you do, you better have your camera handy. For Berkeley residents, this unbelievable scenario was a reality when hundreds of goats trotted downhill into the road last week. The result? A viral video that might just be cutest thing we’ve ever seen. According to CNN, the rush wasn’t part of a big-time escape plan, nor were they illegally released. For the past 18 summers, the goats have been part of a vegetation program at a UC Berkeley-managed hillside in the Berkeley Hills, where they help regulate the land by eating tall grasses and weeds that may become a fire hazard during the summer season. Once they are finished with one particular area of land, Goats R Us (yes, a real company) ushers the animals to the next grassy spot to feed. Watch the crazy goat stampede in the video above.