The Chicest Way To Hide Your Booze Is In A Book

What are the holidays about if not hiding your flask from your family? Before you start to judge, ho-ho-hold on a minute and think about all the times you wanted an innocent drink on the subway, en route to the airport, at your desk, or sitting front row at your sister's violin concert, but we're too afraid to carry the bottle at the risk of looking more Courtney Love than Christmas cheer. Our suggestion? Tuck away your poison of choice in one of these discrete carry-alls. Bender Bound not only offers a way for you to hide your alky, but also a way to look smart doing it. The fake-book-real-flask combination is offered in law books, medical books, cookbooks, even dictionaries—they all have the exact right shape for our intoxicating indulgence. Honestly, we're not suggesting you hit the bottle hard, but if you're gonna sneak a quick sip, you might as well look informed (and stylish...nothing hotter than a velvet dress paired with a copy of Gray's Anatomy). And, come on, what a funny Secret Santa gift!

Most books cost $99.95.

Photo: Courtesy of Bender Bound


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