Get In The Groove With BellJar’s Latest Lookbook

For BellJar’s fall '12 lookbook, owner Sasha Darling seems to have come down with a fever. A disco fever, that is. The sultry photos were snapped in L.A. (Darling's new home), and are laden with moody textures and playful focuses that highlight folky getups. From a gilded, draped frock adorned in sequins to maxi peasant dresses in psychedelic wallpaper prints, these stylish looks are destined to be chic in any decade. “Lately, I have been taking a lot of inspiration from the mid-seventies," says Darling. "That kind of rock and roll, glamour gypsy." And we couldn’t be more impressed with the groovy results.
Can we just talk beauty for a sec, too? The models looked ultra seductive in dramatic smokey eyes and deep rouge lips, while their messy curls are topped with turbans. We mean, really, this lookbook is pretty much swoon city! Flip through the slides after the jump for a modern take on this fashion flashback.