The Boozy Secret To A DIY Ombré Dye

WEbPhotographed by Jack Pearce.
We're already privy to the benefits of a good 'ol beer rinse: It makes your hair shinier, improves volume, and can even give your strands some serious hydration. But, there is one use for a brewski that actually never crossed our mind — hair lightening. It's true, and The Huffington Post has the scoop.
Mollie Lichie, a fashion designer profiled by HuffPost, says she uses a mix of beer and lemon to help lighten her strands. "[I] just squeeze it all over," she says. Her term for it? The at-home ombré. There are a few things to be wary of before you start mixing a cocktail for your tresses, so make sure you check out her tips. But, if this actually works, a mini-bar raid is definitely in order. (The Huffington Post)

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