People Are Paying To Get Crooked Teeth

We've gone gaga over Lara Stone's "edgy" gap and adore Kirsten Dunst for embracing her "snaggle fangs." But, coveting crooked teeth of your very own? Definitely not something on most to-do lists. Unless, of course, you live in Japan.
Apparently jacked-up teeth are the newest trend to hit our Far East friends. Said to be found attractive by Japanese men (they claim snaggletooth girls are more easily approachable than those with a perfect smile), flocks of ladies are going to extreme measures to obtain a look called "yaeba," which translates to "double tooth."
We've seen something similar with the whole vampire fang trend, but that was connected to a bizarre fascination with blood-sucking night dwellers. The idea that women are actively trying to screw up their perfect smiles in order to get attention from the opposite sex is a little depressing, but then again, is there really a difference between wanting crooked teeth and injecting collagen into your face? (NY Times)

Photo: via New York Times

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