The Low-Commitment Guide To Party-Season Beauty

These skin-care and makeup tips and tricks will ease your overcommitted schedule.

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What do the average woman’s calendar come December and the last train home on a Friday have in common? They’re both packed to the rafters. Somewhere between the leaves beginning to fall and the NYE ball dropping, everyone and their mother has something you simply have to go to: after-work drinks, a weekend brunch, a festive party, a festive "not a party, more of a casual drinks," a house party, the list goes on.
With so much on your plate, the last thing you want is a beauty routine that feels arduous. You want to be able to glide from event to event without breaking a sweat and be able to switch from day to night faster than you can say Prosecco. In honor of that, we’ve rounded up a few skin-care and makeup tips and tricks to help you mentally prepare for the party season (because you're always prepped), easing you in without a hitch…

Go Back To Basics

The foundation of great makeup is happy, healthy skin — but achieving an effortless glow needn’t be, er, effortful. Enter: YourGoodSkin, a targeted, tailored range of skin-care solutions designed to fit into the busiest of routines with minimal work. Each offering has selected active ingredients to make sure the results are all killer, no filler. Here are our sneaky hacks:
1) Massage Your Moisturizer In With Upward Strokes
We’re sure we don’t need to tell you that you should be applying moisturizer — in these arctic climes, you’d be more likely to give up coffee than lotion. But instead of just slapping it on and hoping for the best, applying in upward, massage-like strokes can help encourage blood flow to the area, helping melt away any residual puffiness and giving you a perkier-looking complexion.
2) Cleanse With Cooler Water
Coming in from the cold, it can be so tempting to really crank up the heat and go for an extra-hot face wash. But actually, lukewarm water is much kinder to your skin because it doesn’t cause the same inflammation that hot water does, meaning your skin’s natural moisture barrier is left intact. The result? Your skin will feel much softer, and you might even find yourself needing less moisturizer.
3) Keep Up The SPF
With the days short and the skies overcast, layering up on sunscreen is probably the last thing on your mind. Even when it’s not actually hot out, UV rays are still breaking through and reaching your skin, so a good rule of thumb is that if it’s not so dark outside that you need a torch, you need sunscreen. The reason being because UVA rays can cause skin damage — even when you’re not getting burned. Adding a moisturizer with SPF into your routine is the fuss-free way to stay safe in the chillier months.

Refresh Your Toolkit

They say that only a shoddy workman blames his tools, yet we’re not sure Michelangelo would have done such a hot job on the Sistine Chapel if he’d been finger-painting, you know? Enter: MASQD. With its pro-quality brushes and tools at a fraction of the price, they take all the guesswork out of getting ready, leaving you more time to down a mulled wine and fire up your favorite festive playlist. Here are the must-knows:
1) Use A Spoolie Brush Pre-Tweeze
Using a spoolie before you tweeze to neaten your brows will ensure you get the most precise results possible, as you'll see the shape and unruly hairs more clearly. Because, after all, we’ve all had the experience of thinking we’ve picked up every last hair and then realizing there are loads we’ve missed.
2) Peel Your Nail File
This hack will let you skip manicures altogether. Use a peelable nail file instead of a regular one for a fresh surface when you tidy your nails every single time.
3) Revive Your Base With Translucent Powder
No time to reapply your foundation pre-party? No problem. Simply dab some translucent powder with a Face Powder Brush (it comes in a set) over the areas where you have the most shine for an instant refresh.

Make Smoother Moves

In the dead of winter, the temptation is to care for only the parts of your body visible from underneath the mohair cocoon you’ll be in until April. But with so many special occasions around the corner, you need the speedy yet luxe bathroom routine that is Soap & Glory in your life. The whole range is both delicious-smelling and ultra-nourishing, meaning you can have a moment’s bliss while getting your slightly scaly parts ready for a night on the town. Here's what to do:
1) Moisturize Damp Skin
Getting out of the shower feels like an injustice of Herculean proportions in winter. But did you know that you can both speed things up and better hydrate yourself by applying body butter while your skin’s wet? It’ll maximize hydration, so lotion up to your heart’s content, and enjoy more supple skin ASAP.
2) Layer Scented Products
Want to smell fabulously scented at your soiree but feel perfume melts off of you in seconds? It’s time to layer up. Apply a body scrub and butter with the same scent, and you’ll find the aroma clings to you much better. Plus, it’s two stages already in your routine, rather than in addition to, so it's super easy to incorporate into your routine.
3) Slather On Heel Cream
A pedicure in the depths of winter is probably very low on your priority list, but this season’s most covetable party shoes are slingbacks and mules, and baby, that’s a whole lotta heel. Skip the comprehensive DIY routine; instead slather your feet with heel cream before bed, and then pop some socks on. Your soles will drink it all up overnight, so you’ll have the softest feet come morning.

Mix Up Your Makeup

CYO is all about making your life easier when it comes to makeup — something that we couldn't need more of than during party season. Sure, it's the time to embrace the fact that more is more, but that doesn’t mean you have to spend hours methodically recreating a smoky eye tutorial from YouTube. Instead, try these quick tips to take your work look from zero to hero in an instant...
1) Amp Up Your Eyes With Molten Shades
Blending a metallic shade onto your lids with your fingertips will give a cool, slept-in finish with a punch of pigment. The warmth from your fingertips will help you smooth on the shadow effortlessly, meaning foolproof blending.
2) Choose To Hero One Feature
Pressed for time and got someplace special to be? Instead of attempting a whole face revamp, focus on either your lips or eyes. A bold red lip or berry shade, or adding colored liner to finish your lids, will draw all the attention to the right place. Plus it takes about a third of the time.
3) Swipe On Serious Glow
Give your skin a bit of party oomph with the addition of a little shimmer. A highlighting stick (instead of a powder and brush) is the fastest way to sculpt and define. Add a swipe to the inner corners of your eyes (did someone say eight hours of sleep?) and to your cheeks for glowing skin that pops better than Champagne.

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