Bathrooms Without Walls: Liberating Trend Or Just A Bit Creepy?

standard bathroom embedPhoto: Via Slate.
Call us prudish, call us narrow-minded—in fact, call us whatever you darn please, but we're going to require some convincing before we get behind 2013's hipster bathroom trend. Specifically? The total absence of walls.
While there is an undeniable charm to the concept of open plan kitchen-living-dining spaces, bathrooms have remained staunchly separate. But the trend, as identified by Slate, sees hotels from Paris and Amsterdam to NYC's Standard Hotels knocking down those bathroom walls in the name of progressive interior design.
And the concept is gradually making its way into homes, challenging the old-school notion that a locked bathroom door is essential to maintaing a sense of mystique between couples.
Sure, the lack of walls invites space, flowing air and the sense of freedom that comes with letting it all hang out. But it also encourages awkwardness, especially if you're not ordinarily on naked terms with your room mate. And even if you are, isn't the bathroom the last refuge for privacy when it comes to shared living arrangements?
We're not ones to stand in the way of progress; and in a world where it's perfectly normal to open up and share intimate moments on social media (hello, Kim K!), you could argue that sharing washing habits, and even bowels movements, is simply the logical next step. All we ask is that the wall-less bathroom doesn't make its way into office spaces. Way too awkward.

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