We’re Losing It Over The Latest From This Local Leather Designer

We turn to our trusty canvas bag for practically everything — farmers' markets, beach days, picnics, and even the office. And although our old friend comes through on the daily, it still leaves us longing for something a little more luxe. We are adults, after all, and it’s high time we started looking the part. Our latest gift to ourselves? A sleek leather piece from Basil Racuk. Each item is of the highest quality and handmade to order in Emeryville.
So, why are Basil’s (we love saying his name. Basil.) bags such a perfect fit? "When a customer decides to purchase something from me, that decision is not just a transaction. It's a creative interaction,” says Racuk. “Shape, color, skin quality, lining, functionality — all of these characteristics are discussed. I offer you the opportunity to help me build what you want. Giving customers the chance to be engaged in the creative process is something that I enjoy." The only real dilemma is having to choose a favorite, but we have a sneaking suspicion that it’s going to be the Hard Brief!
Peep the pieces after the jump.