Windex-Worthy Slideshow: Bar Bathroom Graffiti In Park Slope

It's the annual Armory Show, which means art's taken fashion's place on our brain's front-burner–at least for now. Of course, graffiti has been all the rage thanks to Shephard Fairey, Banksy, and countless other rebels, so this slideshow of wall art makes sense to highlight, non? Well, not exactly. Thanks to the L Magazine, you can now take your own art tour of some of Park Slope's coolest bar bathroom graffiti (including one porta-potty) and, if you're feeling especially criminal, add your own—don't worry, we included addresses. We'd recommend wearing gloves, and maybe a surgical mask too. Somehow we doubt this is in the Armory Show's official event guide.
Click through to see five examples of Park Slope bathroom graffiti that may inspire your own potty scribbling.

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