5 Things To Know This AM — Nov 15 2011

Who's going to be the next big thing? Kate Moss, Pharrell Williams, Chloe Sevigny, and others share their stars of tomorrow predictions in the Dazed & Confused 20 + 20 covers project. (Dazed Digital)
The condom bag may not save you in, err, the clutch, but it will make everyone think you're getting lucky (if that's, you know, your bag, baby). (Racked)
It's the classic story: Boy meets girl, girl likes boy's swag, girl rocks boy's style better. (The Cut)
Maybe it's our obsession with How It's Made and shows of the like, but we're super-intrigued by the shots inside the SIX London factory. Take a look at the labor behind the soles. (Style Bubble)
Karlie Kloss get's the full-out holiday-decorating treatment on the cover of Vogue Germany — all she's missing is tinsel. (Vogue Germany)
Photo: Via Dazed Digital

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