10 Signs You’ve Outgrown Your Bad College Habits

They say college is all about growing up. You know, finding yourself and forming an identity independent of your family and the life you knew from ages 1 through 18. That might be true. But, for every moment of self discovery, there is another, equally impressive moment of totally juvenile behavior. Maybe it's the "no parents, no rules" effect, but when you find yourself and three roommates crammed onto a twin bed in the middle of the afternoon, re-watching Arrested Development for the fifth time, crumbs strewn everywhere, you have to wonder if this isn't just childhood hedonism with alcohol thrown in.
That's okay, though. That's what college is about, in part. But, now you've graduated, be it two or 10 years ago, and you're moving on to a distinctly less crumb-filled existence (or at least trying really, really hard not to eat in your bed except on Sundays...baby steps). Because you deserve to feel good about that, here are 10 signs you're growing up in the real world — proof you've morphed into the Ally McBeal-inspired, inward-leaning, have-it-all woman you always knew you would be.

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