Wearing Rodarte Down the Aisle, Inking A Discount, and Things That Make Us Cry

seapelt-refinery29-thA step beyond the Snuggie, the Sealpelt seems specifically designed to make us cry. (Gawker)
Because we're running out of "It" girls to profile, here is Jonny Make-up. (Missbehave)
Rodarte to provide a wedding gown for adorable artist and writer Miranda July. We can't wait to see the pictures, which will presumably end up in one of her projects. (Thread Trend)
Would you get a tattoo for a discount on a dress? How much would you save if you got a tattoo of the dress? Woah. (Fashionista)
You asked for it—more Daisy Lowe on video waxing on her career. You didn't ask for it? What's your problem? (Modelina)

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