Which Celebrity Siblings Made Reddit’s Worst Baby Names List?

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When I was little, I hated my name. There aren’t exactly a lot of Marshalls running around, especially female ones. Today, I love my name — but if I still hated it, I could take great comfort in a recent Reddit thread about the worst baby names. Because there are some real doozies out there, and they make my name seem downright normal. From ones that are just completely made up (Beberly) to the creatively spelled (Aliviyah, pronounced “Oliva”), there's a lot of ways to saddle a newborn with a bizarre name for life. And while the parents of little Jarica (a combo of “Erica” and “Jessica”) were maybe aiming for compromise, some just went literal: Two posters claimed to know babies who were named Baby. Just imagine how many Dirty Dancing jokes that has inspired. The Redditors also had some hate for the Kardashian-Wests, with North West currently ranking as the 8th worst name by upvotes. I'm not sure what people are getting out of trolling a two-year-old kid (or her three-month-old brother, for that matter), but I'm going to assume North has more important things to think about — like her new home! What currently holds the top spot for worst baby name on the thread? The almost-normal “Elizabreth,” which, as the comments point out, is very close to Lizard Breath. Now might be the time to call your parents and thank them for whatever better name they chose to give you.

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