Babies: Hot New Hair Inspiration?

It's starting to get a little bit weird how often we find ourselves writing the word "baby" in stories about hair. Baby bobs, babylights, baby bangs, and hairstyles that visually reference toddlers — like pigtails — have been dominating this space lately. First it was cute, but now it's getting kind of awkward.
We have a lot of questions about this situation. Is it a coincidence, or is there an actual trend in the works? Are babies fall's hottest hair inspiration, or is this another expression of the '90s nostalgia wave? Is this the inevitable result of our constant youth-worshipping?
So, in order to prevent anyone from laying awake at night wondering about the connection between infants and fall hairstyles, we're investigating. Ahead, evidence that this is a thing, and expert opinions about why. Yup, we can't believe we just typed that sentence, either.