Azealia Banks’ Shows Off Her Singing Voice In Her New Video “Luxury”

First things first: We are firmly in Camp Banks. Firmly. Her street-smart brand of glam and "dare you" attitude is totally New York, and not the New York of Carrie Bradshaw or Blair Waldorf, but a more homegrown, downtown, real NYC. Secondly, she's not only bringing back classic, '90s-infused house and hip-hop, but she is giving it a 2012 update — and each new release becomes a new dance-floor anthem. Well, almost.
That said, and not to be a hater, but we think Banks should focus on what she does best: rapping. Yes, we understand that she is hoping to move away from that identity and wants to be viewed more as a vocalist, and it appears her new jam "Luxury" might be her first foray in something more singsongy. While it's good, and her breathy chorus and languid voice are fun to hear, it just doesn't have that Banks-esque spunk. She really shines when she gets back to the rhythm, brandishing her trademarked braggadocio.
The video, on the other hand, is the Banks we know and now love. We see super-long nails and hair and a lo-fi, high saturation tour through New York. Plus she rocks a crop top and cowboy hat, which somehow work wonderfully together (who'da thought, right?). We love your NYC pride, AB, but we miss your one does it quite like you, anyway.

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