The Most Awkward Family-Dinner Scenes, Ever

Photo: Courtesy of DreamWorks Pictures.
Every family goes into Thanksgiving with the best intentions. But, after a few too many drinks at the dinner table, the sudden revelation of a secret, or a snide, under-the-breath comment, things can turn sour faster than an uncorked bottle of wine.
Then again, what are families for if not awkward dinners? No matter how uncomfortable things may get for you during this holiday ("Honey, are you really wearing that shirt?"), just take solace in the fact that it's nothing compared to the following five dinner scenes — which we believe are the most awkward in movie history.

American Beauty
Lester has had enough. Enough of his job, enough of his wife, and, well, enough of his life. So, how does he let his family know this? By throwing an entire plate of food against the wall, of course.


American History X
Things get explosive when Edward Norton's skinhead character goes head-to-head with a Jewish man (Elliott Gould), who just happens to be courting his mother, in this provocative exploration of racism in America.

Wedding Crashers
We've all played footsie under the dinner table at some point in our lives, but what Gloria (Isla Fisher) does to Jeremy (Vince Vaughn) in this comedy favorite is on a whole other level.

Meet The Parents
Dinner with the S.O.'s parents is elevated to uncomfortable new heights in this classic showdown between Ben Stiller's dopey husband-to-be and Robert De Niro's menacing father-of-the-bride.

Donnie Darko
"You’re such a fuck-ass!" "Did you just call me a fuck-ass?” It's no wonder Donnie and his sister Elizabeth are such natural bickerers. They're played by real-life siblings Jake and Maggie Gyllenhaal, whose years of dinner-table name-calling undoubtedly came in handy here.

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