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Austra’s Katie Stelmanis Is Okay With Looking Gypsy-Goth

Clear your post-Thanksgiving calendar of all random holiday cocktail gatherings and Dickensian Christmasy activities. You have something to see first. Austra is coming to the Empty Bottle on November 28, and we can't, in good conscience, let you miss these stunning tunes in such an intimate setting. Welcome some of Canada's best to our fair city, and enjoy all the new-wave-y, synth-y, it's-okay-to-party-now music they'll bring with them. Unable to resist, we chatted with Austra's frontlady Katie Stelmanis, to get the goods on this songstress' tour style. Read below, and get your tickets to see Austra, ASAP.
austra mainWhat do you love about playing in Chicago?
"Chicago is a big city with a really good energy and it has the best Whole Foods in America."
Do you have any favorite shopping spots here? "I have never really had time to shop, though one time I stumbled upon the best garage sale of my life. Some guy redesigned restaurants as a profession and had all this crazy specialized furniture and decor on sale for really cheap. Unfortunately I was on tour so couldn't buy any of it. "
Do you have any go-to outfits for shows? "I usually rotate between three or four at a time until I get sick of them. Right now I've got a velvet dress with puffy shoulders that I wear with this amazing beaded vintage shawl I found in Toronto. I also wear a big long patterned mumu type thing that has been coined in the media as 'gypsy-goth,' which I'm okay with."

What is the coolest fashion find you've ever come across on tour?
"The best place to find amazing fashions is in small town America. My band and I stop at every thrift store we can and always end up with an extra suitcase by the end of tour. I once found a beautiful pair of beaded designer heels at a thrift shop just outside of Vegas. So nice."

Photo: Courtesy of Motormouthmedia

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