9 NEW Reasons To Restock On Argan Oil

We may be late to the oil game compared to some other cultures, but those of us who didn’t grow up with French mothers casually imparting their skin-care knowledge have finally wrapped our heads around the idea of oil as a beauty product. The shudders we used to get thinking about putting oil on our bodies, and dear god, on our faces, have dissolved like the oil cleansers we now swear by. We now know it won’t give us more zits. In fact, it can be quite helpful in the fight against acne.  Argan was the oil that lead this sea change, and it's still one of the most popular. After chatting with Shrankhla Holecek, founder and CEO of Uma Oils, we learned that it can do a lot more than tame flyaways and moisturize skin. Here, nine new reasons and ways to use argan oil. 

To Help Sunburns Heal Quicker
Obviously, we advocate always wearing sunscreen (even when you're not beach-bound). But, sunburns can happen anyway — especially when you're trying to rock a criss-cross, cut-out one-piece. For those excruciating tan-line moments, argan oil can be there to soothe the pain and speed up the healing process. It's rich in anti-inflammatory linoleic acid and soothing vitamin E, making it an excellent après-sun recovery agent.

To Soothe Your Skin After Shaving
These anti-inflammatory properties also make argan oil a great after-shave lotion option. 

To Prevent Stretch Marks
Holecek says Moroccan women have been rubbing argan oil on their bellies to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy for generations. 

As A Cuticle Oil
The oleic acid in argan makes it super-nourishing, even on rougher places like your nails and cuticles. Swap out your regular cuticle oil for it (or start using oil on your hands), and it will prevent dryness and breakage, as well as help keep your nails strong and promote growth. 

As A Foot Treatment
What works for hands also works wonderfully for feet, which probably need a little extra TLC. Try rubbing argan oil into your feet to soothe cracks and dryness. And, if you’re really looking for a deep moisturizing treatment, cover your feet with oil and slip them into some socks overnight.
To Make Your Face Mask Work Even Better
Not only is argan oil rich in oleic and linoleic acids, it has an extremely high amount of tocopherol content — which sets it apart from other acid-rich oils. Experts say this vitamin E compound is why argan has such vast therapeutic effects. “Tocopherols are excellent antioxidants and free-radical minimizers,” explains Holecek. “So, argan oil makes an excellent additive to face masks, multiplying the benefits of other ingredients in your face. Try it in a clay mask with a dash of turmeric.”     To Make Your Skin Glow, Not Shine
You may have already heard of the trick we’ve been obsessing over lately. If you add a drop of oil into your moisturizer, foundation, or BB cream before you apply, you will get your regular coverage plus a covetable dewy glow. But, it doesn’t stop there. Scientific testing has shown that argan has “anti-sebum” activity. Meaning: It can help control excess oil production in the skin. Hence, oil is good for oily skin: mind bender. So, by adding it into your makeup or face cream, you will get that radiance without looking shiny. The argan will help control the oil in your pesky T-zone that often pops up throughout the day.      To Rev Up Your Salads...
Culinary argan oil is not the same as the cosmetic oil you put on your face and hair — it is roasted before bottling, so it has a rich, nutty flavor that is great for cooking with and dressing salads. “Its richness in vitamin E and unsaturated fatty acids is also beneficial when eaten,” says Holecek. “Some studies indicate that argan oil may have anti-cancer and anti-malarial effects when consumed. It can also minimize risk in patients with cardiovascular issues, as it may lower LDL cholesterol and has antioxidant properties.”    ...And, Your Sex Life
Finally, many consider this multitasker to be an aphrodisiac. Traditionally, it has been used in this capacity to make amlou — a Moroccan almond, argan oil, and honey spread — says Holecek. But, we’re thinking less dessert, more massage oil...

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