Best of the Week April 20-24

best-refinery29-04-24-11. Countdown To Save Fashion! Our Month-Long Pop-Up at Port Authority Starts in Just 8 Days!: The discount bonanza bus rolls into the station soon. Time to start saving your pennies because you've never seen a sample sale this bananas!
2. 18 Swimsuits to Kick Off a Steamy Hot Weekend: Ready or not, here they come. Now how to make our gams look a little less ghastly?
3. Totally Pumped: Dazed's New Model Will Knock You Out: Bulging biceps? Pardon us while we curl.
4. Rad or Bad? Socks with Sandals Brings Back The 9-Year-Old In Us: We were totally on our way to get a pedicure, but this just seems a lot less expensive.
5. Bubblicious: Shop-hopping in London's East End with Susie Bubble: Put it on Suze control and pop over to merry old England for a shopping trip with one of our favorite fashion zeitgeists.
6. Art-School Awesome: Pencil-Drawn Covers Get the Lead Out: Behold: Graphite in all it's glossy glory. Fashion has never been so super sketchy.
7. Visionaire's Solar-Powered New Issue Lights Up Our Lives: O.M.G.! This magazine changes color in the sun and we didn't even have to dig through a box of cereal to find it.
8. Refinery29 & Chictopia Style Star Contest Winner Announced! We asked and she showed us her true colors. Congrats to MSroboto, we're totally digging your style!
9. Holier Than Thou: Our Favorite of the Season's Perforated Accessories: Crap, holey accessories! Breathable and breathtaking is our idea of fashion PERF-ection!
10. Splendor In the Grass: Hedi Slimane Does Coachella: Spotted: Hedi Slimane making us regret being too cheap to buy tickets one gorgeous black and white photo at a time. Damn you recession.

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