The Real Deal On Aphrodisiac Perfumes

While we love using beauty products to enhance what we've already got, we're also not against a tweak here or camouflage there to help those things we're not so thrilled by. But, what about a fragrance that promises to make you more attractive to those around you? A scent that make men and women on the street instantly fall in love with you? In the age of Internet dating and hook-up apps, seems pretty appealing, no?
Thus are the promises of aphrodisiac scents, which claim to use the power of smell to help attract people to you. We're usually pretty skeptical about those types of claims, but when Tata Harper's new Love Potion perfume hit our desks, we couldn't help but be intrigued.
This new scent claims to stimulate the senses, heighten sensuality, and inspire inner confidence by using a blend of 10 of the most potent aphrodisiac essential oils. Those magical ingredients are davana oil, ‘the chameleon aphrodisiac,’ which changes its own aroma to complement your scent; sandalwood, which helps rev up the parasympathetic nervous system that is key during sexual arousal; ylang ylang to relieve sexual tension and boost confidence; and atlas cedarwood to inspire affection. Together they create a light, earthy smell — a cross between sweet flowers, fresh grass, and rich woods.
As much as we want to believe this could get us a hot date, we have a sneaking suspicion that it's a tad unrealistic. So, we asked the expert to weigh in: Dr. Winnifred Cutler is a biologist who helped discover/identify human pheromones in the '80s. Her take? “Essential oils and blends can create a lovely fragrance that enhances attraction and allure — but not pheromonal communication,” says Dr. Cutler, who also founded the Athena Institute for Women's Wellness in Pennsylvania.
Well, at least attraction and allure put us in the right direction. It might not make the object of our affection fall to their knees in a fit of lust and desire, but if it helps get them in the mood to get frisky, we're not complaining. And, even if the one we want doesn’t like it — who cares? We LOVE it.
Tata Harper Love Potion, $80, available at ABC Carpet & Home.

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