Andy Samberg Speaks At Harvard, Leaves Us Less Than Inspired

If Andy Samberg were to speak at our college graduation, we'd be psyched. He's funny in a way that makes us think he's legitimately smart (despite some of those digital shorts), and that normally implies a certain level of speech-giving finesse.
However, the culmination of his efforts at Harvard's Class Day yesterday fell a little flat. Sure, there were laughs, but they felt a little too easy. He did his three standard impressions: Mark Zuckerberg, Mark Wahlberg, and Nicholas Cage. He poked fun at himself for not having gone to Harvard. He played a "This Is How We Do It" musical clip. And he bashed Yale and Dartmouth.
In his 22 minutes on stage though, the real advice only came at about 19:37, when he told grads: "make sure whatever it is you try is what you really want to do, because the only person who knows what that really is, is you." Aw and amen to that. But ending a college grad speech with a Dick In A Box joke? Not sure how we'd feel about that, with our parents in the audience. Watch the full-length speech below and tell us if you found it a little bit more inspiring than we did.
Video: Via YouTube

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