Take A Peek Inside Analog, D.C.'s Newest Vintage Shop

When talented people unite, good things are bound to happen — so it shouldn't come as a surprise that Analog, a new Brookland shop from Quarter Life vintage purveyor Lisa Rowan and Craftgasm's Melissa Esposito, is kind of awesome. Open since September 7, the store is a joint venture that showcases Rowan's collection of pre-loved clothes, shoes, and accessories (now called Beltway Vintage) and Esposito's art prints and handmade stationery.
One of the first shops to debut in the new Monroe Street Market in Brookland, Analog is a haven for all things pre-loved and perfectly crafty. But the owners will be taking a more hands-on approach to retail in the near future. “We’ll have room to invite visitors into the shop for events and workshops,” says Esposito, who is planning mail-art and letter-writing workshops. Rowan will continue her vintage-themed socials and throw some fashion history discussions into the mix.
Naturally, we've got a little sneak peek for you — so click through to check out Analog.
Analog, 716 Monroe Street NE, Studio 5; no phone.

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