5 Things To Know This AM — Mar 23 2012

The ultimate bag lady doesn't carry just one. She carries at least three. This editorial encourages us to wear whatever makes us feel good — including all the handbags in our closet. (Fashion Gone Rogue)
Here's about three minutes of Don Draper making out and, uh, other stuff in this steamy recap before the Mad Men season premiere. (Flavorwire)
Despite what it sounds like, Mischa's Place is not Mischa Barton's new reality show. It's her new clothing line. So, is she ever going back to acting? (The Cut)
No, we're not done talking about "the cape." Here's how Gwyn got ready to be one of Oscar's best-dressed ladies, plus the turkey burger and fries she ate before the red carpet. (Goop)
Is this how you increase your ratings? American Idol launches their very own clothing line. (Vogue UK)
Photo: Via Fashion Gone Rogue

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