5 Hacks For A Healthier Week — Mar 22 2015

With spring having officially started this week, allergies are around the corner. This chart of effective allergy solutions reminds you how to relieve and manage the symptoms. For example, pollen counts are highest in the mornings so consider saving your errand running or outdoor workouts for the afternoon. It can seem like nutrition rules are changing faster than you can track, but these seven rules are here to stay. For starters, don’t be afraid of snacking. Janet Helm, RD, and author of Nutrition Unplugged told Refinery29, “Instead of evaluating snacks based on the number of calories in a packet, consider the nutrient return.” She suggests munching on snacks that can keep you full like yogurt or whole grain crackers topped with nut butter. Carving  out time for a workout is hard, but this HIIT workout from Shape can tone in just 30 seconds. The entire workout takes up less than 10 minutes and you don’t need any equipment at all. Click through to Shape for the six move breakdown.
It’s true melatonin works, but the natural supplement is more effective than we thought. A new study examined how well four groups of subjects would slept under noisy conditions. Each group had their own sleep aid like eye masks and earplugs, melatonin, a placebo pill and a control group, which received no aid. The group with melatonin slept the best, meaning the next time you’re sleeping at your friend’s noisy apartment, or just need a midday nap, melatonin will be handy. A kettlebell workout can tone your body, strengthen your core and provide some great cardio. This beginner-friendly workout from Self will have you loving the kettlebell and toning up in no time.

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