4 Ways To Beat Allergies — Naturally

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Springtime has arrived, and with it comes warmer weather, beautiful flowers, new fruits and vegetables — and seasonal allergies. Most of us think allergy symptoms are just something we have to tolerate, but you can fight them naturally (yes, without drugs) in a few easy steps.
Use A Neti Pot
Allergies can make you feel as though your nose is permanently stuffed, so use a neti pot with a saline solution to flush your sinuses and get rid of allergens. While it may feel awkward at first to pour water into your nose, it works wonders.
Take Probiotics
A properly functioning digestive system will make you less vulnerable to allergens and strengthen your immune system. Taking a probiotic supplement to increase beneficial gut flora is important for combating allergy symptoms.
Drink Apple Cider Vinegar
Apple cider vinegar can cleanse your lymphatic system and reduce sinus congestion and mucus production, which can drastically reduce allergy symptoms. A tablespoon of apple cider vinegar (alone or diluted in water/lemon water) in the morning can set you up for an allergy-free day.
Sip Nettle Tea
The leaf of the stinging nettle can block histamine receptors, which is what allergy medications do. Therefore, drinking nettle tea can clear up allergies without the side effects that come along with drugs. You can find nettle tea at most health food stores; drink a cup daily to ward off your symptoms.
Using these methods, along with a healthy diet, adequate sleep, exercise, and hydration can help you find substantial, natural relief from your seasonal allergies — so you can get outside and truly enjoy the beauty of the season.

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