This New Cologne Smells Like Your Next Bad Excuse

Bad judgement comes with a price: smelling like bad judgement. But, instead of answering 20 questions about where you've been and who you've been with, you can spritz on an excuse to cover up your naughty night. Introducing Alibis Fragrance For Men in scents like "I was working late," (that smells of "coffee, wool suits, cigarettes, and ink"), "My car broke down," (with hints of fuel and burnt rubber), and "I was out sailing," (which we can only assume, bottles sea-salt and fresh air, or, if you're on the Hudson, sewage and gas scents from Jersey). For now, the product is only being sold in a South African strip club, but we can only hope NYC is next. Yes, it's hard to get behind a product that's meant to deceive, and no, we don't frequent strip clubs ourselves (uh, seriously), but Westway's close enough, and lord knows we've walked out of that place looking for some sort of olfactory refresher. Though Alibis has a very specific audience, we're thinking it's too-cool-for-school enough that someone like Opening Ceremony might just pick up, and we're also hopeful that there will be a new line that comes out to service women's excuses. We expect those to come in scents like, "I was at lunch with my sister," in order to cover up the stench of all the plastic we burned shopping. (Animal New York)

Photo: Via Animal New York

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