Is The Era Of Signature Beauty Looks Over?

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When our team was recently discussing doing a story on signature beauty looks, I realized that there's something about the idea of a super-consistent personal style I just can't relate to. I feel like the era of recognizable style trademarks is over — or at least coming to an end very soon.
Let's survey the evidence. It's likely that you, too, have noticed how much the Internet loves a good celebrity hair makeover. There's nary a new bob or freshly pastel 'do that goes undocumented (guilty!), and there's always an audience hungering for the details. On the other hand, when it comes to writing about celebs with static styles, it's not exactly radio silence, but there's less to talk about. Sure, people who always dress or do their makeup the same have brand identity, which has its advantages. But, we're living in a time characterized by a nonstop flow of new information. Having one look only doesn't really fit into that paradigm.
That's why Emma Stone continues to grace the top of our homepage with her ever-changing strands. In addition to being a talented actress and all-around lovely human being, she pretty much wins at the hair-change game — and, to be honest, it's probably the latter that keeps her relevant when we write about celeb beauty trends. She's always current because she's always switching it up.
I, too, find myself reluctant to commit to any one look, and I know I'm definitely not alone. As most hairstylists will tell you, the biggest emerging trend of 2014 has been individuality rather than a particular style (okay, and baby bobs, but I only have one because I'm growing out a pixie). When there are so many options, why commit to one? In a world of purple lipstick, blue eyeshadow, and faux freckles, why would anyone want to wear a cat-eye and red pout every single day? Why would you spend the rest of your life with a deep side-part and ombré waves when there are asymmetrical pixies and pastel lobs to be had?
That brings me to my next point: Doesn't it also get boring to go through the same beauty routine every day? An everyday skin-care checklist, yes. But, the 10-ish (cough) minutes I spend putting my face and hair together in the morning is my time to be creative and experiment. I don't wear the same clothes every day, so there's no reason I should do my hair and makeup the same way. There'd be less to look forward to if my mornings consisted solely of coffee, taking my dog out, and a go-to beauty look.
As a tiny disclaimer, if you do have a signature look, I'm not judging you. I just feel like that whole concept is less important than it once was. In the past, it was a way to make a lasting impression; now, it's the ability to constantly surprise that stands out. So, to the Emma Stones out there, keep doing what you're doing. It's good motivation for the rest of us to always be unpredictable.

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