Accessory Stalking: 29 Jewelry Pieces in 13 Chic Snaps

Accessories are everything. We devote entire drawers (if not entire closets) to things we can fasten, clasp, tie, and slip on. Jewelry and accessories are the sprinkles on the cake of our outfit, and isn't that our favorite part anyway? We know you get it, we've seen you out in Chicago sporting some coveted gems (and baubles, chains, and pendants), so we decided to start taking notes–and photos. Click through to see what necklaces, bracelets, and rings Chicago gals are into, and let these brave, creative forays into the world of accessorizing inspire the way you top off your next great look. Do you have a prized piece that can totally "make" any outfit? Tell us about it! In the hunt for new accessories, we can't stop, won't stop.

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