Abercrombie & Fitch’s Look Is All Grown Up

You know those stories about people who reconnect with their high school S.O. later in life and sparks fly all over again, but in a totally new and better way? As unicorn-like as those scenarios seem, there’s no denying that time can be the most effective form of alchemy, and in some cases, an old flame might be worth another shot. A rare example: Abercrombie & Fitch, the object of our 11th-grade obsession (second only to our foxy chem-lab partner).
Before, the nature of our infatuation with the brand was of the superficial, puppyish variety, but as both of us have gotten older, we’ve established something like mutual respect. The label that defined a generation with its moose-logoed polos and tiered ruffle miniskirts went off to liberal arts college, ditched the popular-kid complex, and picked up a really cute leather jacket. In turn, the retailer began catering to our now more mature sensibilities, with mellowed-out, self-assured styles like those from its fall lookbook, ahead.
The collection’s quietly cool denim and timeless staples — like relaxed button-ups in seasonal plaid or classic white — hold universal appeal, no matter your former cafeteria clique or current vibe. (Fact: Comfortable and authentic always work.) Skeptical? Click through for highlights from the lookbook, and be thankful (again) that high school’s over.

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