This Is What A $26,000 Tire Swing Looks Like

So Gilt Man, where the few dudes in the Refinery offices love to fritter away their time and money (and fill their closets) is launching a partnership with Exhibition A , a curated, online, shoppable collection of special edition pieces by respected and hot-right-now contemporary artists. The talent on deck includes the likes of Aaron Young, Mark Borthwick, Takashi Murakami, Josephine Meckseper, and Maripol, all "showing" in an exclusive, inventive, private gallery accessible from your desktop... which is great, right? But get this, Exhibition A may also be the only website on earth where you can order a $26,000 dollar tire swing with just a few keystrokes and clicks. That's right, they sell Aaron Young's Swing (2009) — a combination of recycled tire and gold chain that is really not all that different from the old radial that hung in your childhood backyard. It's the perfect accessory to snap up for your... we guess...Swarovski-accented tree? Have fun with that, one-percenters! (Exhibition A)
Photo: Aaron Young/Exhibition A.

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