’90s Trends Rise From Grave, Zac Updates His Status, and O’Brien Out at Interview?

amlinks-0698Overalls or Co-Ed naked shirts? What's the next horrid '90s staple about to be recycled by hipsters? (Jezebel)
These folks are angling for it to be MC Hammer pants. (HuffPo)
By the by, Wolf T-Shirts will be this summer's hipster must-have. It's so nice that we get to do 2005 all over again. (Hipster Runoff)
"I thought I was absolutely gorgeous, and it was mortifying to reach 15 and realize I wasn't Jerry Hall."—Singer/designer Rosin Murphy on reaching that awkward stage on adolescence. (Guardian UK)
Are Shipley & Halmos working on branded fortune cookies? Too bad we can't read the future and tell you if this is true or not. (We Are The Market)
Bayside vs. West Beverly High. Now this is a fashion face off that should leave some blood on the floor. (Jezebel)
Looks like Zac Posen has been spending too much time on Facebook. Get a life. (The Cut)
Is Style Guy Glenn O'Brien already out at Interview? It seems like only yesterday we were applauding his takeover. (WWD)

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